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Air Duct Repairs & Maintenance in the Bay area

While the efficiency of your heating and cooling system is critically important, it’s the ducts in your home that actually deliver air to each room. Are your ducts leaking or showing signs of wear and age? Do you need new ductwork installed in your Bay Area home? AIS Heating & Air Conditioning is the HVAC company to call on!

Our duct services in the Bay Area extend to:

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Duct Repair Services in the Bay Area

The supply and return ducts in your home are responsible for moving temperature-controlled air where it is needed. If these ducts are in poor health, it can not only impact your overall comfort but also cause your energy costs to skyrocket. When your duct systems are in need of repair, you can rely on the certified HVAC service technicians at AIS to provide thorough and prompt solutions.

Contact our experts for duct repair services if you are dealing with any of the following issues:

  • Visible dents, cracks, or holes in your ductwork
  • Airflow coming from your vents is sluggish or restricted
  • Unusual odors coming from your ducts
  • Steady or sharp increases in energy costs

New Duct Installation

The functionality of your ductwork will determine the level of comfort you enjoy in your home. It doesn’t matter if you have a top of the line heating and cooling system—the conditioned air will not get far without effective ducts! Our duct installation specialists can fully assess the needs of your home in order to design an optimal new duct system, helping to maximize your comfort while minimizing energy costs.

Duct Inspections in the Bay Area

Since duct systems are mostly covered, blocked, or tucked away into areas of the home that you rarely frequent, it can be hard to tell when your ducts need servicing. For this reason, it is vital that you schedule regular duct inspections. Consistent inspections will help to reduce the risk of costly complications and can help you understand when the time has come for repair, duct sealing, or duct replacement.

Our duct service technicians recommend scheduling duct inspections at a minimum of once every three years. Annual inspections are ideal, but may not always be necessary. If you’re unsure when you need service, call on AIS! We’re always happy to help you figure out the optimal schedule for your needs.

Duct Sealing Services

Pinholes, gaps in where your ducts connect, cracking, and much more can add up and rob you of an efficient home HVAC system. Our duct sealing services take advantage of the latest in duct sealing technology, providing you with a multi-stage service that first assesses weaknesses in your ducts, and then provides a thorough sealing that restores the effectiveness and health of your ducts.

The biggest benefits of duct sealing include:

  • Boosted home comfort
  • Reduced instances of “hot” and “cold” spots in your home
  • Increased HVAC efficiency
  • Better indoor air quality

Unsure whether you could benefit from a duct sealing service? Connect with AIS online to schedule a duct inspection!

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At AIS Heating & Air Conditioning, we treat our clients like family. Since 2008 we’ve put forth our very best efforts to ensure that clients always receive superior products, dependable services, and excellent customer experience from start to finish.

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