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HVAC Products

Learn more about the HVAC products we offer.

At AIS Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer top-of-the-line HVAC products to keep your Bay Area home more comfortable. Interested in learning more about our services and products? Keep reading or contact our HVAC specialists online today!

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Heat Pumps

Gas and oil bills for heating can be costly. But with the best-in-class performance of the Evolution Extreme heat pump, you can enjoy incredible electric heating efficiency and comfort even when temperatures drop into the teens. It can also provide amazing cooling efficiency in summer to keep you and your budget comfortable season after season.

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Air Conditioners

Keeping your family comfortable through the scorching days of summer — that’s the kind of cool you can expect from the Bryant air conditioner. Our air conditioners deliver our highest SEER rating, which means it never has to try too hard. It just gets the job done with the utmost energy efficiency and comfort. It’s the kind of effortless performance that will make your home the place to be all summer long.

Air conditioner: Evolution

Gas Furnaces

Stay comfortable inside, no matter what happens outside. The state-of-the-art Bryant Evolution 98m gas furnace provides quiet, consistent heating to keep your home warm in even the harshest of temperatures. With a 10-year parts limited warranty and high-efficiency performance, this Evolution system furnace delivers the long-lasting comfort you depend on and the energy savings you deserve.

Gas Furnace: Evolution

Air Filtration Units

Air filtration units remove over 95% of particles from the air, including pollen, mold/mildew/bacteria, and odors/chemical vapors.

Air Filtration One


Your Bryant system can do so much more with the new touchscreen CONNEX control. It can keep you connected to your home comfort no matter where you are via your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The CONNEX control also has an energy-saving Smart Setback feature for when you’re away. And when your schedule is unpredictable, you can easily adjust energy use with the Touch-N-Go feature. Now you can control your heating and cooling costs like never before — at home or away.

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Evaporator Coils

The evaporator coil works with the indoor unit, working with the air conditioner or heat pump to condition the air that flows over by drawing out moisture and heat.

evaporator coils

Small Package Units

The combined comfort of heat and cooling packaged in a cost-effective unit to keep you cool in the summer and cozy in the winter.

UV Germicidal Lamps

Bryant’s Preferred UV Lamp attacks and kills mold and bacteria that can grow in moist heating and cooling systems, then circulate through your home. Silent operation enhances your family’s comfort and health.

germicidal lamps

UV Air Purifiers

If you’re concerned about the air quality inside your home, a filter that provides UV air purification (also known as UVC air purification because it uses short-wavelength UVC) may be a good choice. Effective air purification systems combine UV technology with highly effective HEPA filters to remove dust and allergens from the air while killing germs and other organic microbes.

Custom Ductwork

Are you installing an HVAC system in a new home? Do you need to replace old, damaged, or undersized ductwork? When you want high-quality, energy-efficient supply and return ducts for your home in the Bay Area, turn to our team at AIS.

We can design and build a custom set of air ducts to meet the performance needs of your HVAC system while maximizing its efficiency. Our air ducts are constructed with industry best practices in mind and feature:

  • As few bends as possible for less turbulent airflow
  • As few wyes and tees as possible for a more direct path
  • A large trunk for maximum airflow with minimal restriction
  • Short branches for minimal heat loss or heat gain
  • Mechanically fastened joints for a strong connection
  • Joints sealed with mastic or metal tape for minimal leakage

In addition to new ductwork installations, our team at AIS also offers:

  • Duct sealing: Are your air ducts losing heat every time the furnace runs? Have you noticed excessive household dust? You may need duct sealing services. Our experts will patch up any holes in your ductwork and seal the joints, leaving your air ducts more effective and efficient while reducing your heating and cooling costs.
  • Duct repair: Are your air ducts damaged or leaking? Do they have loose joints? No matter the problem, our team at AIS can offer the most appropriate duct repairs for your needs and budget. We offer duct repair throughout the Bay Area and surrounding communities.

We offer fast, professional installations of our custom air ducts, and we work efficiently and cleanly, leaving no mess behind.

Call (510) 792-4328 today or contact us online to request a quote for new air duct installations in the Bay Area.

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