Heating System Repair, Maintenance, Service, Design and Installation

At AIS we offer repair, maintenance and service on all makes and models of heating systems. We also design and install complete home and business heating systems. Our services include:

  • Design and installation of heating and cooling systems
  • Repair, maintenance and service of all makes and models
  • Retrofit and replacement specialists
  • Zoning Specialists and duct cleaning
  • Energy audits and cost

Installing a heating system into your home or business, or replacing an old one?

Installing a central heating/gas furnace system, integrated heat pump, wall furnace, or floor furnace? Whatever it is, our team is here to help. With our performance and financing guarantee, you will receive quality service from our certified technicians at an affordable price. If it’s time to get your home or business’ heating system in good shape, you’ve come to the right place.

Central Heating/Gas Furnace System

Our free on-site inspection means we can advise you on the best central heating/gas furnace system option to meet your energy requirements and fit your budget. We can design, install, repair, or service your heating system, no matter the make or model. If you’re unsure which system is best for you, take advantage of our free estimates and guidance from our expert technicians.

Wall/Floor Furnaces

Keep your feet warm in the winter with a floor furnace that will evenly disburse heat through your floors. Wall furnaces can be mounted or recessed in your wall without using up any floor space. Floor and wall furnaces are easily installed and extremely convenient.

Ductless Splits & Heat Pumps

If your areas of your property have no ductwork, a ductless split can be an ideal heating solution. They’re compact systems made up of an outdoor compressor and indoor evaporator that conveniently heat a room. Heat pumps are another option for your home or business. A heat pump extracts the heat from the outside air and transfers it into your property. Rather than burning up fuel for heat production, heat pumps use electricity.

Give us a call today for a free estimate (on installation or replacement), in your home or place of business. We look forward to adding you to our list of happy customers. Find out the difference at AIS – (510) 792-4328. Or Contact us here and we will call you to set a convenient time.