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Heat Pump Installation in Fremont & Livermore, CA

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Top-Rated Heat Pump Services

With hot summers and the occasional damp, windy, or cold winter day, homes in the Bay Area need a reliable, all-around heating and cooling solution to remain comfortable no matter the weather outside. Heat pumps are a great choice for many residents of Fremont or the Bay Area, as they provide both heating and air conditioning in one system that is efficient, cost-effective, and reliable.

At AIS Heating & Air Conditioning, we are proud to offer high-performance heat pumps from Bryant, as well as professional heat pump installation services that ensure long-term reliability and efficiency. Since 2008, we have been a leading provider of heating and air conditioning services in Fremont and the Bay Area, offering top-notch service, quality workmanship, and friendly, experienced technicians.

To learn more about our heat pump services in Fremont, Alamo, Dublin, Pleasanton, or the surrounding communities, call AIS today at (510) 792-4328 or contact us online!

What Is a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is a split system that looks and functions like a standard central air conditioner in the summer. Using a compressor, condenser, evaporator, and a refrigerant, it absorbs the excess heat from inside your home using the evaporator, and releases it outdoors at the condenser, leaving your home cool and comfortable.

In the winter, the cycle is reversed. Even cold air contains some heat, and a heat pump can extract that heat and bring it inside, keeping your home warm and cozy. A heat pump needs only electricity to operate, making it ideal for areas without natural gas service, and because it only moves heat from one point to another, instead of creating it, the system is extremely efficient.

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24/7 Heat Pump Installation

Whether you are installing a new heat pump or replacing an older model, choose our team at AIS for your heat pump installation. We feature experienced, NATE-certified technicians who will make sure your heat pump is as effective and reliable as possible, and our work is backed by a no excuses, 100% satisfaction guarantee. During the heat pump installation, our team will:

  • Remove any old HVAC equipment
  • Calculate new heating and cooling loads
  • Select the best heat pump for your needs
  • Install the condenser unit, air handler, refrigerant lines, and electrical cables
  • Install ductwork, if required, and any accessories like thermostats or zoning controls
  • Test the system and explain its operation

We also offer complete heat pump maintenance and repair services to keep your system running like new.

For a heat pump installation in Fremont, Livermore, Danville, or nearby areas, contact us today!

Is It Time To Replace Your Heat Pump?

Typically, heat pumps will last 12 to 15 years with proper maintenance, but they will gradually become less efficient and reliable. Here are a few indications that it is time for a heat pump replacement:

  • Your heat pump is over 10 years old
  • It has become unreliable and needs frequent repairs
  • A major failure has occurred, such as a leaking coil or faulty compressor
  • It uses far more energy than a modern system
  • It cannot keep your home comfortable

Contact our experts today to schedule a heat pump replacement anywhere in the Bay Area!

Call Today for Expert Heat Pump Installation in Fremont, CA

Are you ready for a new heat pump? Trust our expert installers at AIS for a clean, professional heat pump installation.

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Heat Pump FAQS

Will installing a heat pump reduce my annual heating costs?

For the vast majority of homeowners, a heat pump will substantially reduce annual heating costs. Heat pumps can offer heating efficiency as much as four or five times what even a high-end electric or gas furnace can. Where older models of heat pump once fell rapidly behind a furnace as temperatures dropped below zero, modern units typically maintain function and efficiency into the negatives.

Will insurance companies insure a home that is heated exclusively with a heat pump?

It depends on the insurance company and whether they classify heat pumps as acceptable primary heat. In some cases, a ducted heat pump may qualify where mini-splits do not, while some insurance companies will only accept a heat pump as a supplementary source of heat.

How long does a heat pump last?

A heat pump offers a service life more akin to an air conditioner, at around 15 years, though this number can vary significantly depending on use, maintenance, and other factors. A heat pump used exclusively for supplementary heat will last much longer than one used as your sole source of heating and cooling throughout the year. Some uses may lead your heat pump to last closer to 10 years; some units may still be going strong at 20.

Is there a certain size or type of heat pump I should install?

As with a furnace or air conditioner, a professional sizing your heat pump to the specific heating and cooling needs of your home is crucial to maximizing energy efficiency and comfort. Oversized units will produce too much cold air or hot air in too short a time, resulting in poorly mixed air in your home and hot and cold spots—to say nothing of inefficiency and accelerated wear. Undersized units won’t be able to keep you comfortable.

Do I already have a heat pump or is it my air conditioner?

You can test quickly whether you have a heat pump or air conditioner by setting your system to heat and checking whether the outdoor unit attached to your home is still operating. If you have a dual-fuel system which uses gas heating at very low temperatures, this test may not work on very cold days, as your heat pumps exterior unit wouldn’t be compressing heat even though the heat is on.

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