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Furnace Repair & Inspection in Fremont, CA

The Bay Area is not immune to the occasional bout of cold weather, and when it does happen, you need to be able to rely on your furnace to start smoothly and keep your home comfortable. That means annual inspections, maintenance, and repairs as necessary.

When you need a qualified HVAC company to keep your gas furnace running reliably and efficiently, turn to our team at AIS Heating & Air. We have been serving the Bay Area since 2008, including Fremont, Pleasanton, Danville, and Alamo. We offer complete furnace inspection and repair services, featuring quality work that is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Need help with your furnace in the Bay Area? Call our experts today at (510) 792-4328 or contact AIS online to schedule an appointment today.

Common Signs of Furnace Failure

Furnaces can quit without warning, but more often than not, they will show signs of a problem beforehand. Call our experts at AIS for a furnace inspection if you notice any of the following:

  • Startup problems
  • Thermostat malfunctions
  • A fan that runs constantly or not at all
  • Restricted or cool airflow
  • Insufficient or uneven heat
  • Breakers that trip frequently
  • A pilot light that won’t stay lit
  • A malfunctioning igniter or flame sensor
  • Yellow instead of blue burner flames
  • Alerts from a carbon monoxide detector
  • Abnormal noises like grinding or shrieking
  • Sour, musty, or melted plastic odors

We offer fast, accurate diagnosis services, along with fair prices for repairs. Contact us today for a thorough furnace inspection.

Common Furnace Repairs

When you have furnace problems, our experts at AIS are here to help. We service all brands and models, and our technicians are equipped to handle most common repairs, such as:

  • Air filter cleaning or replacement
  • Blower cleaning or motor replacement
  • Burner or flue cleaning
  • Electrical troubleshooting and repairs
  • Control board or thermostat replacement
  • Thermocouple, igniter, or gas valve replacement
  • Flame sensor cleaning or replacement
  • Fan limiter, sensor, or control replacement

Contact us today for fast furnace repair services in Fremont, Pleasanton, Alamo, or the surrounding areas.

Furnace Repair vs. Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is older or has become unreliable, you may have considered furnace replacement instead of repairs. In general, repairs are the most cost-effective option if the problem is something minor, like a faulty fan limiter, or if the furnace is just a few years old.

When your furnace is over 10 years old, requires frequent repairs, or needs an expensive part replaced, like the heat exchanger or blower motor, a new furnace may be the best option. With a furnace inspection, our experts at AIS can evaluate your system and recommend the best repair or replacement options for your needs.

Furnace Repair Costs

The cost of furnace repairs can vary widely based on the system and the nature of the problem. For minor repairs, the cost may be $150 or less, while major repairs often cost $300 or above. At AIS, we offer free in-home estimates on repairs, as well as fair prices. Our technicians are some of the best in the business, and we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Call (510) 792-4328 or contact us online to schedule furnace repairs in the Bay Area today.

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Is your furnace acting up? Choose our experts at AIS Heating & Air for fast, effective repairs that you can rely on. We feature experienced, friendly professionals, upfront pricing, free estimates, and more.

Don’t shiver in the cold—call (510) 792-4328 today for fast furnace repairs in Fremont and nearby areas.

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